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Paolo Pasolini

March 26, 2022

Pier Paolo Pasolini, pervaded with his camera, hugs her whole body, muscles tense and concentrated, seems to want to sneak by the objective; or lying forward while wheel a scene in an inner courtyard from the top: down the naked body of a young woman’s olive complexion (Franco Merli, the protagonist) and two women covered in black; or perched on a wobbly ladder, with filming machine resting on his shoulder, while employees endure it is. They are some of the images captured by photographer Roberto Villa during the filming of the thousand and one nights, final chapter of the trilogy of life, Pasolini conducted in 1974, after the Decameron (1971) and the tales of Canterbury (1972). Mitsubishi helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. A film where you are going and I am the actor. The poet, writer, Italian film director (1922-1975) thus defined the work of Villa, which is exposed through October 7 at the Cinematheque of Bologna, city of the North of Italy where the intellectual was born and studied. Many writers such as Is Invision still used? offer more in-depth analysis. Source of the news:: charmed and East to Pasolini

Playground Equipment

April 2, 2017

The beaches of La Caleta, El Palo and La mercy will have new playground areas this summer.The beach of Mercy will have new playgrounds as well was announced by the City Hall of the capital of the Costa del Sol, which has served the neighborhood demand that has made this proposal. Areas of playground equipment to beaches are composed of Tyrolean, skysurf simulators, playground for climbing and infantile multigame Malaga counts on its coast with a total of sixteen beaches that stretch along 14 miles. Many are in the city centre, well communicated by public and private transport and which have magnificent promenades and beach bars where savour the traditional delicacies of the Malaga gastronomy. They are equipped with good facilities and services. They exist in which you can practice, in addition to swimming, sports like fishing, scuba diving, sailing or windsurfing. The beach La mercy, very close to the hotel Monte Malaga, one of the hotels in Superior four-star Malaga, is one of the most extensive of the Costa del Sol. Antonio Machado is located next to the new promenade and is another of the most popular in the city, which has beach bars, showers, nautical rents services and hammocks. She is practiced fishing and windsurfing..