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May 11, 2017

Report of Picturetom this report inspired us to entertain with photographers and graphic designers, and to wonder what their strategy for survival considering everything. We have collected many of these issues. You can find the Report in the members area under: info texts > news or here: photographer / photographers in crisis? Market and advice on dealing with the photo of “year”! The time of fast money is over! Gone are the days of the gold rush. Rod Brooks gathered all the information. Global mass retailer have divided among themselves large parts of the market and attract with Microstocklizenzen use legal Erwerber. Many medium-sized providers no longer can keep just due to high cost structures and the competitive situation. Just in the past few years, quite a few could make the rapid euro with a few photos.

This time comes but market-internal and external reasons quite quickly to an end. Therefore the agencies and their image authors also must set up, that he applies to bypass some losing streaks, the websites to expand and promote are continuously to achieve a rewarding cooperation in the long-term. What to expect on the image market and the players? It is always difficult in the future to look to say what on a market happens. We want to dare yet with this overview and hope that once again the one or the other conversation emerges, which can help everyone. The 2010 – year shakeout. Slowly the economy will resume driving companies and self-employed persons can free themselves only from the firm grip of the economic crisis. For quite a few picture agencies, that recovery will come but too late because they can no longer cover their costs and have to give up. Investors are only rarely invest in the currently flooded image market, so start-up or bridging loans are rare. Properties of in coming years: shakeout boom in the years following 2010 is it may come to partial shakeout.