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Nobel Peace Laureate

April 24, 2014

The nazis also were a few and then were many. The desire of belonging to the dominant group is a very strong magnet for peaceful people to become killer. This is happening in the Arab world, where the most are young people who identify with his generation even if it is by imitation. President Mubarak was a dictator but an American pro dictator. The same thing occurs in Bahrain with other internal complications because the majority of its population is Shiite but his King is Sunni.

If the Government drops the one who wins is Iran. Egypt controls the Suez Canal and Bahrain is a military base of us-bound oil tanker port. Both are vital for the Americans. We are just at the dawn of the wave of Islamic insurrection. If Washington remains inert, all Arabs are subject to religious fanatics.

To add difficulty to their personal incapacity and mediocre management, Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary which was the leader in England of a censored organization called Islam4UK, convened a protest in front of the White House to impose Sharia law in the United States. Choudary said that Americans are the biggest criminals and that the flag of Islam It flameara on the White House. The revolutionaries are moving into the neighborhood. If you applauded the rioters in Cairo, are why should it behave differently in Washington? The Nobel Peace Laureate, cannot put at stake his appeaser title, so the islamista-izquierdista subversive process will continue until you leave the power. The Bale is going to load his successor, who will have to fight the war more awkward and deadly history, inside and outside their country.