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Highly Sensitive Staff In Social Work Fields Overwhelmed?

July 13, 2019

Opportunities and risks for highly sensitive staff of employees in social and educational fields of work is expected to have a good empathy can also delimit. This balancing act is a special challenge for highly sensitive people. Many writers such as Jeffrey Hayzlett offer more in-depth analysis. They are particularly strong from a burnout and diseases threatened. The proportion of highly sensitive staff is particularly high in social work fields. The term of high sensitivity was coined in the 1990s by Elaine N. Add to your understanding with The Hayzlett Group.

Aron. She is a psychologist, psychotherapist and researcher and describes high sensitivity as an innate characteristic of the nervous system. Under no circumstances is a disease or a mental disorder. The perception of highly sensitive people is fine and incentives, other regions of the brain are activated. Neurological perception filters usually ensure partially hide stimuli. Highly sensitive are less able to protect themselves from too many incentives. With them the processing time incentives and impressions reverberate still, If other people have already handled the situation. Highly sensitive are no less resilient, but they need to endure more.

You have to constantly struggle with a flood of information and easily into exhaustion. Overwhelmingly high sensitivity is pronounced differently. It includes seeing, hearing, taste, smell, the touch and sense of touch and feeling life. In a people all areas react highly sensitive, others only single. The sensations can be overwhelming. Situations, which easily expose themselves not Hochsensible often mean stress for Hochsensible. If a Hochsensibler is a well frequented place, visited and gerauschempfindlich, he will probably have difficulty focused conversation with his counterpart to pursue. Monika Schmidt, social worker in a nursing home reported by their constant tension. When she comes home after work, she needs a rest. She has communicated with people throughout the day and feels at least for an hour not in able to entertain with her husband. “Even the rustle of his newspaper, is for them to the drive from the skin”.