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November 13, 2019

Customer satisfaction survey brings positive results and helpful insights of Berlin, the 13.09.2013. It’s BALLY WULFF the heart, now and in the future to be the reliable partner for particularly successful cash game offers directly from the capital. So the company has contacted this summer in a large survey of 1,000 customers to this new service and innovative products to emerge. BALLY WULFF responds quickly to changes in market conditions, detects and uses very early new market opportunities through its openness. In cooperation with the customer, as for example within the framework of the BALLY WULFF is capital clubs, an important pillar of the company’s overall strategy. So, BALLY WULFF a corresponding customer satisfaction survey conducted three years ago and will repeat in the future once a year on this. As early as 2010 was the survey agency Hopp & partners in the context of computer-assisted telephone interviews by the Berlin, which screened the areas of sales, product, order processing and technical service were. The high participation of our customers, what we would like to thank is gratifying,”explains managing director Lars Rogge. A meaningful analysis and the elaboration of a catalogue of relevant measures are possible just by the number of results. The current survey makes it clear that is the satisfaction of our customers has greatly improved with BALLY WULFF within the last three years. Here, just the customers who have bought or rented in the last 12 months, had positively assessed the performance of the company. Overall, this distribution and order processing had the greatest impact on the satisfaction of being here and in all other areas of the experience and expertise of the staff were praised. Moreover, the high level of satisfaction with the product, whose state of delivery, handling and technical quality as positive have been evaluated. Customers feel significantly better about product changes and novelties informed than it was three years ago,”adds Lars Rogge added. Also expandable areas have been identified in the context of a comprehensive analysis. We have developed already internal measures to meet the needs of our customers,”says Lars Rogge and adds:”overall, BALLY WULFF is more creative, more flexible and be faster and keep the passion for its products can promise I already!”