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Happiness – It’s When You Understand

October 9, 2013

The rejection of foreign culture – a sign of savagery, barbarism understanding others – a sign of culture. Eugene Kascheev On any dating site, hundreds of weighing in Internet, we read: "Men from all over the world willing to meet with women from the CIS for marriage and happiness!" And there, in dozens of other sites that will tell us about their own future accidents, deceived in their expectations of women. Reading these stories and comparing some of the situations which tell angry and disillusioned compatriot, and his experiences with the Europeans, and since I live in Europe, have my Marriage Agency and indeed the "married German ", the experience I have is quite impressive, I have often pointed out that the heroes and heroines of these stories are not only speak different languages in the linguistic sense, but, in general, very often they say, they say, it – the "sour", and it is – about the "green". What do I mean? Let me explain. Every woman wants to meet intelligent, sympathetic, and to men.

Meet her prince. And that's fine. In addition, each woman dreams gives a list of some of his chosen qualities, which must certainly her prince to possess. With this already complicated! You will agree that even with their fellow-men, we women often speak "different languages". Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. But this is all despite the fact that we grew up on some streets, went to the same school, they read the same book.