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Seminar: Employer Branding

March 12, 2019

Recommended seminar about employer branding, employee retention and employment branding specialist and lack of leadership is noticeable for more and more companies. In labour markets, the number of the available service providers decreases steadily.It applies to attract the key target groups for the company, to motivate and to bind in the long term. Employer branding acts as employee retention inwards and as employer attractiveness to the outside. The participants learn proven employer branding concepts in this hands-on, two-day seminar. Learn how they establish effective measures and how they optimize processes for employee retention and employment branding.

What concrete measures to improve retention and motivation of your employees take the participants participants of the seminar “Employer Branding” learn and know to increase your attractiveness as an employer. You know whether and, if necessary, what deficits in their company exist and develop meaningful measures. The participants know more Possibilities for implementation in your company under consideration of cost and profitability aspects. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Rio Tinto Group. You benefit from the targeted Exchange with experts and colleagues. In addition the participants useful checklists and work tools that can be adapted individually and specifically receive. Content of the seminar “Employer Branding” the seminar promises an exciting methods mix of input presentation by the experts, review of practical cases of participants, individual and group work, and checklists. There is enough space for the exchange of experience with the speakers and peers. The content of the seminar “Employer Branding” in summary: Approaches to the retention of significant structural and cultural measures individualized employment branding employer branding adequate leadership functions follow low/high employee retention a typical business situation participants optimize the own concepts of experience exchange and transfer.

The Officer for employer branding Gunther Wolf, Diplom-okonom, psychologist. Managing Consultant, coach, Interim Manager and coach. Areas of practice include corporate management, leadership, strategy development, organizational changes, employee retention and corporate incentive systems. Technical writer. The seminar “Employer Branding” is offered as a one-day in-house seminar or in-house workshop in your company. In this case the contracting authority decides about the appointment, the content and whether the agenda of events to maintain essentially is or whether the event on specific operational requirements should be aligned. Sign up for “Employer Branding” the seminar is aimed at decision makers and designers from personnel management and corporate governance, who want to develop effective measures to employer branding, employee retention and employer attractiveness and implement. For the two-day seminar “Employer Branding” to include several appointments in Frankfurt, Munich and Cologne. All participants will receive a participant certificate. Links: – the seminar description “Employer Branding”: – contact to the competence center employee binding: / if you want to replace with an expert about employer branding, please simply record contact us. Competence center representative binding a project of I.O. BUSINESS consulting and training Wngelsstr. 6 (Villa of Angel) D-42283 Wuppertal Tel: + 49 (0) 202 69 88 99-0 E-Mail: Internet:

Eco-friendly Packaging Warehouse – Ratio Form Logistics Center Receives DNGB Silver Certificate

November 3, 2018

Award for the logistics of packing dealer Ratioform: Pliening. Mining is often quoted as being for or against this. The Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Nachhaltiges Bauen – DGNB e.V. has ennobled certificate with silver finished building the summer last year. The certificate was awarded on 7 October during the fair Expo in Munich real 2013. The logistics centre of Ratioform in Pliening near Munich is considered the world’s most advanced packaging bearing. Realized real estate project developer Alpha industrial with 18,500 square meters has particularly environmentally-friendly attributes.

These include the infiltration of rain water, a large number of day light bands due to the extensive work of picking, as well as an intensive margin green to the surrounding land. Also, the Logistics Centre distinguishes itself through its extremely convenient location with good access to two highways. The DGNB is the central platform of knowledge in the field of sustainable construction. Promoting sustainable construction, the non-profit organization has a certification system for evaluating particularly environmentally friendly, resource-efficient, economically more efficient and for the users comfort-optimized buildings and quarters the DGNB developed certificate. Ratioform is number one in the mail order business for packaging in Germany for over 30 years and has more than 6,000 products for industrial customers in the offer.

“The catalog and the Web shop of Ratioform were honoured as a catalog of the year” and as the online shop of the year “in the field of B2B. Contact: Ratioform Verpackungen GmbH Schlosser 1 85652 Pliening Tel. 089/99146-0 press contact: SCHOTT. PR International Public Relations GmbH Holger Werner Wrangelstrasse 111 20253 Hamburg Tel 040 / 413270-33