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Mary Ann Baker

February 11, 2017

It thinks that the Christian life is easy. They take decision with much impetus and later they sink in the faith. APPLICATION: The Experience of Peter has much teaching in them. We can have a triumphant life. Yes Jesus guaranteed this.

I came to bring life in abundance. Joo 10:10? We cannot focar our vision in the problems, the disillusionments, the tragedies, the failures and yes in Jesus. They perceive that while Peter looked at for Jesus it obtained to walk. When he looked at for the storm, started to sink. We must learn to ask for aid. Peter cried out safe me, Sir. He believes that Jesus is present to save you.

In the same hour Jesus he caught in the hand of Peter he raised and it. both had gone up in the boat, then the wind calmed there. They were not alone, nor so little abandoned. conclusion: My dear we learn in this text that, the disciples were not alone, nor so little abandoned. Because when it orders it to Jesus it guarantees. We can face the adversities without losing the hope. When we leave of to look at for Jesus we fail. We cannot focar our look in the problems, and yes in Jesus. Application for the unbelievers: I finish this message making an application, for the visitors. Challenge to it, you to invite Jesus to be part of its history of life. Jesus leaves to control the boat of its life, as well as it he controlled the boat that was being taken for the wind and the wave of the sea. He allows that Jesus holds in its hand for saving to it. He learns with Peter to ask for aid. He does not leave to look Jesus alone in the hours of the storm. He does not think that you are alone, Jesus is here today, for extending the hands to it. It did not forget itself you. I want to conclude with one of the most beautiful songs of our Christian singer. Hymn of N 328 ' ' Sossegai' ' Mary Ann Baker, the author of this pretty hymn was born in 16 of September of 1831. The tuberculosis cut with a scythe the life of its parents and left it orphan in tenra age. The sister and the brother liveed in Chicago with. This, a young man of bonanza qualities of character, started to suffer effect from this terrible illness. Of its scarce economies, the two sisters had obtained resources so that it travelled to the Flrida, in the hope of that in the climate ameno the improvement started. Them she was not possible folloies it. ' ' Everything in goes. In few weeks the evil if aggravated and the youngster faleceu, far from aconchego of famlia.' '. He did not have money sisters to go them to its burial, nor to carry its body to Chicago. Mary wrote on this devastating experience: