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Carlos Montillo

January 25, 2022

Ancient Egyptian tarot blades present some curious peculiarities. Most important, perhaps, and that is has been losing in the evolution towards readings more in tune with times running, is the analyze the situation of the physical, mental and spiritual consultant in the planes. Thus, the revelations of this tarot on the future are of one wealth greater than other types of chucks. The Egyptian tarot tells who consults with great precision how should act to get what they both want. Or the possible reasons for a failure in achieving their goals. Take for example the case of the arcane VII, truck in more modern versions of the tarot, the triumph for the Egyptian tarot.

Today, despite the name change, the emergence of this deck in Chuck is considered advertisement of a great triumph looming in the life of the consultant. The truck is the mystery of who manages to advance overcoming obstacles. The road has not been easy, but the triumph is the reward that awaits at the end. So unlike the message of arcana like wheel of fortune, that can announce the arrival of easy to get achievements, but that they can seep between the hands with equal ease. The triumph of the Egyptian tarot increases this auspicious prediction, and stops at the way in which these achievements announced will come to life who consults. Knowledge is key. In the first instance who query must be sure of the purpose that animates it and guide it, since only thus will be able to reach it.

Knowledge, in turn, paves the way: as doubts are clarified and leave behind, no longer repeat the old mistakes and moves quickly and firmly. This constant improvement, in turn, leads to a high elevation also on the spiritual plane. How is Invision doing? is often quoted on this topic. In physical appearance and material, this deck does incapie in the permanent effort to achieve the wishes and leave behind the doubts that may arise. The message of this arcane stimulates us to pursue the objectives with tenacity and determination, of reaching the goal, without neglecting the constant concern being, every day, insurance better. This tarot sees a future auspicious and full of triumphs for who intends to fill your soul’s wisdom and knowledge. Juan Carlos Montillo

The Procedure

April 22, 2014

The method of Affirmations in Reverse, between which they appear in the book the POWER TO TRANSFORM OUR LIVES, is much, by, the most powerful method so that the people obtain everything what they wish. This method of Corentt, consists of taking your desires to the subconscious mind and that this produces a personal answer, powerful and irresistible. The procedure is simple and truly but the powerful one that exists on the Earth. The results are spectacular. Your life will be catapult to the heights that you wish. However whichever will cost to you the success? How long will take constructing a new site you known for your mind, a new mental set? The success depends how on fast advances in the construction of the new home for the mind. If you use the method of Affirmations in Reverse, you will create that new home, that new mansion, very quickly.

That means that quickly you will obtain everything what you wish and you will undo than you do not wish. After practicing the methods unexpectedly (if, they are several, all powerful ones and unpublished) proposed in the book the POWER TO TRANSFORM OUR LIVES, you notice as the success persecutes to you, the success arrives. All it will happen to you by, apparently, mere coincidence: you will know the love of your life in a stroll by the park, you will enchant yourself with the ideal partner in a supermarket, you will receive in a mail the book with the information that as much you needed, etc. Those coincidences, as Corentt says to us, are not chance, but causality. Original author and source of the article.