Separation Anxiety In Dogs

If Fido alone at home has a problem separation anxiety may refer to the excitement of a dog over the loss of his pack. The dog is hyperactive, howls and barks, destroyed items and contaminated the House, even though he is otherwise housetrained. The dogs scratch doors, ripping out carpets, or shred the sofa cushions. The activities could range up to the point of physical exhaustion. Food and treats will remain untouched for the time of being alone. Some dogs tremble, respond with increased pulse and advanced pupils.

These dogs are in an extreme situation of suffering. Devoted dogs that try to follow their people everywhere are particularly at risk. Those who already restless react, if it fails to hold at least eye contact with their people.Dogs are social animals who feel comfortable in the company of their partners. In the modern human-dog society, the human family took over the role of the Pack. Left behind is a highly social animals like dogs extremely unpleasant situation – if they are not used.

But every dog has opportunity to be alone. As for puppies, it goes without saying that the mother moves from time to time away, to go about their “business”. Therefore, at a successful puppy training, one must make sure that this habit is not lost and occasionally leave the puppy.If a dog was used to not from puppy age on being alone and spends much time in close contact with its people, “Fido alone at home” can have quite a problem. Especially dogs that require much attention from their humans, react, if they are left relatively frequently alone with separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is not to be confused with destructive frenzy out of boredom. Works only, if the dog was a while alone. However, you can see the symptoms of separation anxiety may even before the departure because the dog has learned the signs that announce the leaving of people to interpret. The problem can be worse, if unintended behavior is, for example, if you come by chance just home if the dog is just raging and an even greater races. This is an extremely strong reward. The dog remembers: if I really put in the stuff, the man comes back and I’m saved.Separation anxiety can be combated permanently only with behavior therapy. You can teach new tricks to an “old dog”. In the context of a desensitization, Fido can get used to being alone. Very slowly. In principle he learns the loneliness first in society (Yes, that sounds paradoxical) and only for very short periods of time. Are getting longer and the society moved away more and more importantly, that the dog is left never alone during the therapy time except during the ubungsstunden.Zuerst, learns to be, while his man in the apartment alone. To stay in the room with him and the dog learns to behave calmly in a particular place. In later phases of training briefly leaves the room, she leaves door but open. Later it closes the Door after each addition. Later, leaving the House to return immediately – after a few minutes. You may not cheat, but must really leave the dog notices! It returns to irregular time intervals, so that the dog never knows how long it takes. Ideally, the dog behaves quietly until he is brought out of the situation. That’s why you should choose the periods initially not too long and may increase only slowly. With lots of patience, consistency and you can get to grips with the problem of the help of a good dog trainer. Lyn Zaib

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