Michl Dacher

Largest German high-altitude mountaineers of all time except the Michl-Dacher-Stube in the Peitinger Museum in the Klosterle and Michl-Dacher school in Nepal not much reminiscent of the most successful German high-altitude mountaineers of all time. Sure, his biggest success was the ascent of K2 with Reinhold Messner in record time and without supplemental oxygen. The roofs, born on August 21, 1933 died in 1994 at the age of only 61 surprisingly heart failure and would have been next Thursday at the age of 75. His first climbing experiences roofs on the Peitinger climbing Mountain gathered, the 1884 m high Geiselstein, also called the Matterhorn of the Ammergau. All difficult routes in the Wilder Kaiser, Wetterstein and the Dolomites followed, including 1963 the Ortler North face, 1964 the north face of the Matterhorn and in 1969 the north face of the Eiger.

Together with Franz Martin Steingadele, he crossed the Greenland inland ice 1970 in 42 days. Since this year was Dacher of also state-certified mountain and ski guide. In addition to his profession and his extreme expeditions he had in all these years time to educate students and young people, and to serve interested mountaineering enthusiasts, where he always ensured to bring all participants at the Summit as a mountain guide. As a high-altitude mountaineers Dacher was relatively late. He climbed his first eight-thousanders, the Yalung Kang (8438 m) high climbers aged 42 years. ” Before, ” he complained of the idea, \”in my most time, nobody took me on expeditions.\” The Peitinger 1975 Yalung expedition was only the second ascent of this mountain. Finally, Dacher was invited to further expeditions.

Together with Reinhold Messner he dared an eight-Thousander in 1977 as the first with the Lhotse without defeat supplemental oxygen. The risky pioneering did manage what his hometown awarded him the honorary citizenship on June 3, 1977. in 1979 then Dachers greatest success: the ascent of K2 (8611 m), which is considered the most difficult mountain in the world.