Dacia Logan

Hiking in the Carpathian Mountains is no Summit storms, but recreation, relaxation, enjoyment of nature and change to the daily professional life. Romania, travellers can admire not only the beautiful landscapes and sightseeing. In Romania, there are even cheap accommodations in hotels, where you will be warmly welcomed by the hosts. Almost 12% of the land surface of Romania is protected area. With a Dacia Sandero almost as far up in the mountains, and from there on foot next, the Carpathians invite you to go hiking. Shoot with melting snow already the first harbinger of spring from the Earth, then changes the colors of the flowers with the calendar days and reached a high point on the South side of the mountains in the summer.

The beautiful flowers are admired, photographed, and unfortunately also picked. There are tourists and hikers who are well versed in Botany. In the Romanian mountains there is a relatively high number of plants that exist nowhere elsewhere on Earth. At first Is the Edelweiss, the symbol of tourism and nature protection. Many hikers know the Alpenrose, which in its heyday in June covering entire hillsides and offers an unforgettable experience. The correct name is actually Transylvanian Alps rose and the difference to the other Alpine roses fragrant flowers has. The Transylvanian is alpine rose almost everywhere in the Carpathian Mountains. From the root, gentian schnapps was brewed earlier.

Today the picking and digging the root is strictly forbidden, because the plant is under nature conservation. With its heritage Romania has adapted to nature at the most important European and international agreements in the field of environmental protection. And yet, the Carpathians are something for seniors. Finally, there are of course elderly people and those they are never what made hiking. For people that bad foot that are never Wade in the high mountains it is advisable to seek out a nice place, with views close to the mountain stations, and from there to enjoy the panorama alone. This article is as a suggestion for day trippers, tourists and hikers thought that with your own car after Romania intended.

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