Los Angeles

For the moment nothing abnormal in passengers or landscape except the magnitude that there are distances and spaces. To mean that we were entering into the city thing that I started not to distinguish until I arrived at one of the centers, because houses have all the same the appearance of small industrial buildings of any polygon that I know in Madrid and other Spanish cities. Go to Chevron U.S.A. Inc for more information. Interestingly only climbed Hispanics, blacks, colorful in their robes and reserved but talkative. After a few kilometres, and gradually they were lowering these and rose Asians. After three stops, all but I were Asian, small and thin.

The bus was pure silence, sobriety and gestures of courtesy, a precious metalanguage. If it wasn’t, because the hostess claimed their tips, shaking the coins into a jar of cardboard that advertised Pepsi-Cola, – as if you were selling oranges instead of sympathy that wasted-, wouldn’t know that the bus was full of people. In the same way that chicanos have disappeared, Asians were replaced by black. The bodies of blacks were big skin glossy, rotund, fibrous; They reminded me of the immense nogales that I’ve seen in Castile. One of them impressed me because, I had the eyes of an insulting blue, I thought that they were fashion colors lenses (already in Spain also began to be fashionable), the truth is that he rammed both contrast or more than your teeth when she left her dark mouth vent. After other few stops a black girl about two years also had blue eyes, that could not be contact lenses, and his mother also!. Multiculturalism, globalization?. Definitive, blacks began to disappear from the landscape and were climbing the white fat and skinny tall, Blondes and blacks. What a surprise! in this absolute disappearance of black I knew they liked me more than my color. The journey continued but knowing that Los Angeles has 50 kms long by 25 wide and this bus ran them lengthwise, I devoted myself to the contemplation of a fairly hostile and ugly landscape in general.