Latin Americans

JOSE BRECHNER finally Latin Americans move away from this continental burden are the first world countries. Others who may share this opinion include Rod Brooks. Those who began the race toward prosperity and development at the same time as them, but went ahead too. Unpardonable for those who do not tolerate defeat, therefore, will form his own League of mediocre countries of America. The Rio Group, at the Unity Summit of Latin America and the Caribbean gathered in Playa del Carmen, in 32 countries which participated less Honduras which was not invited because it conforms to laws and don’t like socialism and the dictatorship decided to split up officially in the United States and Canada to agglutinate exclusively between them under a new internationalist banner. Spicy salad consisting of dictators, macaques and few statesmen, thus becomes an additional triumph for Hugo Chavez and one failure for Barack Obama.

The irony is that there was never a U.S. Government more leftist and condescending with the Socialists that the Obama, and those arising the departure from power are the leftist who ruled Latin America in the past 30 years. The Americans do not come to understand, that liberals hate them not for what they do but for what they are. The same reason why Muslims and other cultures backward and lingering in the world despise them. Originating Liberals hate those who are not peers, and to be as they have to go back a thousand years. The League of losers has its reason for being. When a sports team loses customarily they relegated to the lower division. In this competition, should recognize that the Latin American political geniuses had the decency to accept his disability and all passed to the amateur category of its own volition. What is the reason why 32 countries with a warmer climate, lush natural riches and vast territories suitable for development and prosperous life lodged at the margins of history?