Identification the identification is defined as ' ' reinforcement of auto-estima' ' of a person or group. This is a sufficiently common method, through the formation of a real or imaginary alliance with some person or group. It happens, frequent, and especially, with unsafe people. A person can join it to a esportiva team — to the one flock of fanatic — a group of vandals — to the one fraternity — or same to the one healthful social group to feel itself important through the symbolism that the group represents. Displacement Displacement is defined as ' ' to deviate feelings emocionais' ' (generally anger and fear) of its original source to substitute a target. The children can attend in its homes the father to be brave with the mother.

The mother, then plays its anger in the son, this in turn, deducts in its new sister, the sister new kicks the dog, and the dog bites the cat. rsrs. Projection Projection is defined as ' ' to attribute its proper thoughts, feelings intentions for the Outro.' ' This characteristic is not uncommon, and all, probably, already they had testified this. An irritated man can accuse the others to be hostile and aggressive, when it who is in the truth. Another example can be an outlaw to be always under the impression of that everybody is to watch it.

Regression Regression is defined as ' ' a reversion for the standards of immature behavior (infantile). ' ' It has many examples of this (and all we know some of that we are guilty). One of the examples could be an adolescent to come back to have an infantile behavior to receive affection and attention from its parents. Formation of Reaction Is one of the older mechanisms of defense and implies in a completely contrary behavior to the form as the person if it feels truily.