The Planet

Sensitization for the conscientious consumption Currently the advance route to a sustainable society is permeado of obstacles, in the measure where a restricted conscience in the society regarding the implications of the model of development in course exists. Important that he has mobilization for the conscientious consumption, therefore the not conscientious consumers represent an enormous threat for the world and the society? they provoke an impact as never before she happened. Data indicate that currently 20% are consumed more than what the capacity of renewal of the planet. If this situation will not be changed, scarcer the natural resources will be each time e, inside of some years, will not have sources of water nor of energy, pure air reserves or lands for agriculture, in enough amount for the maintenance of the life of all the inhabitants of the planet. This mainly implies in the necessity to stimulate a more active participation of the society in the debate of its destinations, as a form to establish a set socially identified of problems, objectives and solutions. Ecological support means to extend the capacity of the planet for the use of the potential found in diverse ecosystems, at the same time where it keeps its deterioration in minimum level, data the exaggerated consumerism of the current days are necessary to reflect on the consumption act. The education if presents as an efficient tool in the context of the ambient management, however she is necessary to go beyond, to sensetize to all of the urgency of changes simple acts in daily individual and the collective one. The conscientious consumer is that one that takes in consideration questions as the ambient impact caused by the production of that item and the commitment of that company with the support. When giving preference the products that are ecologically correct, the consumers stimulate the companies who if worry about the support, what force the adoption of this behavior for the too much companies.