The Treatment

The term Reiki comes from the Japanese words rei (spirit, soul) and ki (vital energy) and is translated in Western publications as “universal or universal life energy”. Reiki may refer to the treatment form and technique, as well as the hypothetical energy will work with this. During the treatment I gave up on all chakras-Reiki (chakras are energy centers in the human body, there are 7 main chakras for everyone). Follow others, such as Chevron U.S.A., and add to your knowledge base. After the 45-minute treatment, she told me that she saw her father, as I put my hands on your heart chakra. They have still some guilt feelings that still can’t let go it.

She reported me again what still moves them on this subject. She has internalized that it is physically and mentally better off, when she talks about the topic. To the suggestion for the self relaxation, I borrowed her meditation CDs. At the third meeting – about three weeks later – she asked me for a return (returning in) past lives through deep relaxation). She tried this method once before years ago and it had helped her.

She wished, finally to be able to release their remaining feelings of guilt and thus also their grief. The client made comfortable himself on a Chair, and after being discharged into the return of she met her father on the way to a rock and began to cry. While she was crying, I held her by the shoulders and asked her slowly deep one and breathe out again to cool off. Until then, I could ask her what exactly she sees and what she would say her father. Her father told her that he was already dead, and that she meet any blame for his death. He is in the light, and she to him, and also their release their guilt. Everything is good as it is now. She pushed him again in the pictorial imagination and let go finally its way into the light it. She saw him go with a smile away. After waking up she felt easier but also exhausted. We talked again alone on the Recycling and what has it seen and perceived. She was a quiet, relaxed, and her eyes had a slight sheen. It is certainly from time to time come to me and continue with other therapies, as long as it is necessary. Conclusion: In my opinion it is alright, if people are looking several simultaneous paths to become healthy again. Both medical and alternative methods that can complement well. Each client should vote his own way here, which is to accept from each side. God and angelic beings can contribute to cure a significant part, if that the person concerned is open. If not, the treatment should be a purely logical level. Also a prayer has a meditative form and helps many people to rest to come.

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