The Planet

they no longer know if you brought us some God or some demon; they do not trust, only tremble, just cry and beg on their knees. And it is that death is trajeada with the green of the campaign; with the hopeful green of sowings and jungles and forests. There will be more cruel paradox? Death is viewed with the colors of life, is the last straw! Civilians are afraid of us. And hide to see us far away some tremble, others shout, others cry and beg and beg for their lives by their lives of Tin! Terrified civilians are afraid of us. Read additional details here: Chevron U.S.A. Inc. Defector: I announce my withdrawal of this conflagration because I’m sick and tired tired of killing tired of dying little by little so tired that I prefer that I fusilen a good time.

To disown this rifle, this poncho and helmets; the canteen and grenades reject the bayonets. I prefer that I fusilen once to follow in this insufferable averno; to continue in this bizarre, surreal world and vice versa. I confess I deserter and consciousness objector; and with drooping arms I am on strike weapons and I surrender this to love – love to my enemy – NO more massacres! -Prepare point! – goodbye will cruel world already more never fight – fire! – the despair: despair is cruel, despair is vile, despair is brutal, despair is fatal. We are not more than acorraladas in fields of battle beasts and fear us defeat and fear permeates and fear laughs and fear war a baby who still crawls, a defenseless woman, an elderly woman already expired for life they are all enemies in the heat of battle. Until the innocent child crying masquerading as threat who dares ask the beast what more ruthless on the planet? It is HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS! The man who has lost his humanity with his piety.