The Objectives

To do this you must set some goals from time to time, and remembering the past will notice what he has done and see that you can achieve all the goals it intends to multiply its value and achieve anything you want. Each time the goals will be larger, more difficult to achieve, and stumble, but will not fall forward, you're never satisfied with what he has done, always have a higher goal, and announced this goal to everyone, but never announced its successes. So multiply its value will achieve anything you want. 22 – says that dreams have no value, like goals, you have to take action so that these things have value. Must proceed in all his thoughts because "it is better to proceed and fail to remain inactive and out of step with difficulty." So every day will do better, proceed as you do not feel able to remember that success is necessary now. 23 – says that every man has a God who is, and which have to pray every day, but not ask for wealth or material things, but so that he can point the way that leads you to get all these material things . And so this prayer scroll tells you have to pray to God to give strength to move forward, help, and he has set a path to follow to achieve success. 24 – It is organized and has a proprietary method that is strictly 25 – has its own system of monitoring, control and correction to achieve the objectives set.