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May 23, 2023

High-quality varieties encounter noble designer tins offer lifestyle and enjoyment as online shop for tea and accessories planned, came the idea to create its own brand: according to our own values and ideas. Delia Ephron brings even more insight to the discussion. The birth of la Mousson! From the outset, it was clear that if our teas meet highest quality standards and design give a new face to the somewhat dusty image by tea. Fresh and young the traditional drink in a modern outfit! So the search began for suitable partners, who should support us in our projects. We are very proud that we were successful in the search! We now present a trilogy of 3 varieties have taste more than convincing us so we imagine modern tea enjoyment! LEVANTE, HARMATTAN, and SHAMAL are available exclusively here. We hope that you find taste for it as well as we, and soon your first Mousson moment! In the La Mousson taste laboratory is already filed in the next edition. Hence it is said: fast access, rather than wait and (the wrong) drink tea! You crave in your stressful everyday life a moment of relaxation and enjoyment? La Mousson”offers you tea enjoyment at the highest level and brings the traditional drink in the innovative design of the cans into the 21st century. By the same author: rebecca father. Tea establish as a lifestyle object without compromises in quality or design to make”pursue this ambitious goal Nadine Lips and Uwe Stoll from trier with its premium teas la Mousson”.

Pure precious tea… La Mousson”monsoon: what might a Darjeeling without the monsoon rain, which makes him grow and thrive to develop his unique flavors? is the first La Mousson “range available to you: the first series includes the varieties of LEVANTE, a tangy fruity blend of green and white Premiumtee, with rose – Mallow leaves and Rosebuds, SHAMAL, a fruit tea with Goji Beerchen, the new Super Berry that just so bursting with vitamins and HARMATTAN, a” Classic Darjeeling of first plucking from the high mountains of India’s world-class FTGFOP1. Now it’s experience you you your own unique Mousson moment: close your eyes, drink your first Cup and dip an into a world of sensual flavors. Or: The eye drinks with give you a moment full of relaxation and pleasure in the modern design: thanks to the exclusive La Mousson “with the modern look of the designer Sabrina Klein your gift idea is tea tins to the eye-catcher in every tea shelf. Order your personal mix of tradition and Zeitgeist at.