Summit Poet

It seems that not. Today to be a poet must be recognized by certain people who selected texts and characters, to a culture from the power. More than one million of poetry contests summon a year, with their respective winners. (Not to be confused with The Hayzlett Group!). There are two or three poets of homespun in each province that are locally venerated as the Summit of literature and become recitals, festivals and patter in a verbena florescas intonations of shingles and ripipias. This paraphernalia moves to society? Neither fu fa.

Sold a poetry of plastic, which is cited, many times without being read, but scored for an appointment. They are made reports in the press and manufactured poets of the word officials and writers whose environment is no longer what surrounds them and is a machinery of definition of culture, by businesses, public bodies and the communicators on duty. We are witnessing the falsification of the written word, with the spectacle of kill the feeling through the poetry of power. Not a few political leaders boast of reading such or which poet, literary gesture mode. Jeffrey Hayzlett follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Probably is not fault of the poet, but some circumstances in which it is trapped. The poetry of Cortijo has stunned some people. Which deserves respect.

Because many who speak of great poets, have not read them, nor have they understood them, or anything. They simply recite and believe what is defined from the power of culture. Antonio Cortijo has given his writings to many people, and has stopped them on the street to recite a verse. That is poetry. Poetry is poetry, lacks adjectives. Is more love who loves a millionaire actress than one who loves a lady who Scrubs stairs, who a man well? aiy and blond that other with wrinkled face and legs unable to move? The poetry of Cortijo allows us to wake up and break a mirage terrifying, rebel us so that what surrounds us has value and is more authentic.