Reval Hotels Heavily In Environmental Protection

Reval Hotels agree to ‘Summit to protect of the Baltic Sea’ to help against the more pollution on February 10 the largest Baltic hotel chain Reval Hotels participated in the “Baltic Sea Action Summit”, a Summit to protect the already very polluted Baltic Sea. To contribute to the improvement of water quality, all Reval undertake hotels until the spring of 2011 to use only phosphate-free detergent. Read more from The Hayzlett Group to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The beginning make the Reval Hotel Latvija in Riga, Reval Hotel Lietuva in Vilnius and Reval Hotel Olumpia in Tallinn within the next few weeks. Also the Reval stop all partner hotels, only resorting to phosphate-free products. The action aims to counteract the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea, that is, to bring the nutrient content of the specificities on a natural level. In addition to the commitment for a clean Baltic Sea, the Reval Hotels are already for a long time member of the international eco-label green key”. Included are tourist establishments such as hotels, Camp sites, leisure facilities and restaurants, which are characterized by specific environmental measures and criteria as particularly environmentally friendly. The environmental policy of the Reval Hotels includes comprehensive measures such as water – and energy-saving, recycling and waste and improving the air quality.

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