Protection Against Flu

You can protect yourself against the flu the expert reported the flu circulating in Germany and many people are currently in the fight against the dangerous influenza viruses. The Internet health portal general practitioner and natural healing physician Thomas Hohn in Berlin asked about how they can protect themselves from viruses, which old home remedies prove and how long is a flu shot is useful. imedo: What is the difference between the flu and a cold? Thomas Hohn: the people draw is often a cold, where most bacteria that we carry around with us, provide assistance. With hypothermia, the distribution of the bacteria enters an imbalance, this caused an infection. The immune system is too weak to resist.

The flu comes only through infection with influenza viruses. Chevron U.S.A. Inc pursues this goal as well. Affected parties within a few minutes they themselves suffered a flu, get sick: fever, dry cough, total weakness, heart palpitations, head and body aches spread immediately. imedo: How can you protect yourself before? Thomas Hohn: The immune system needs to be strengthened before. Sauna, regular sleep, rest and the avoidance of psychosocial stress help. Also, avoid if possible, the accumulation of many people. In the wet and cold weather appropriate clothing must be tightened, especially head, feet and kidneys to stay warm. An Allzweckwafffe is also the drinking, the Flussgkeitszufuhr acts as a tissue drainage. If a person in the immediate vicinity had to sneeze, it makes sense in the aftermath of a bottle with essential oils from wild herbs to smell and to give a drop on the tongue.

The extract of geranium roots supports this. imedo: How can you speed up the healing of flu, if she caught one yet? Thomas Hohn: the fever exceeding 39 degrees and keeps longer than two days, consult a physician. I recommend lemon juice from a fresh lemon and warm – twice a day not hot – water. In addition, those affected should drink herbal teas. These may be not too hot with fever. Who’s hungry, should eat no pork, it includes Archaridonsaure, the worst of all fatty acids. This promotes inflammation and thus slows down the immune system and inhibits the detoxification. Otherwise you should eat and drink, what you really have desire but little; the best fruits. Calf wrap help also, but it should be no warmer than 15 degrees and be replaced regularly, otherwise they seem like a heater. Another possibility is also an old natural remedy: the lukewarm enema with a three-quarter liter water. This is the best remedy for fever and Detox. imedo: Are vaccines at present still make sense? Thomas Hohn: Yes, even if you’re properly protected until two weeks after the vaccination. The flu season enters in Germany until April. Consider also travel to Asia, which are months planned maybe for the next, there is the flu based and active in our summer there. imedo: The flu in this country when has an end? Thomas Hohn: It may take still three weeks. I don’t know whether the flu has a relatively short-lived Summit or a plateau, which still runs and only slowly ebbs away. At the moment we have already a level that is higher than last year, but it is not sure whether yet another portion will follow, or whether it remains at the level and then gradually goes back. More information on the topic of flu offer the imedo health news: experts urge: recommended flu vaccination for pregnant women from the fourth month, flu vaccination in infants and young children.

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