Poorly-Educated Kids

When I speak in education, then it comes me to the head the image of my grandmother giving recommendations so that I obeyed and respected my parents, or then my mother, calling my attention during the lunch not to mention full mouth. Rio- Tinto Diamonds brings even more insight to the discussion. While child, we do not have to the real notion of what it is right or wrong and frequently in them we guide for what we inside judge to be more coherent of the education that we receive. Our values are based in what we live deeply in our familiar conviviality and for this reason our children start if to become similar to us each day that passes, therefore they reproduce what he is transmitted to them daily. He is common to the boys to copy the attitudes of the father or stepfather, therefore beyond the physical similarity, the boys imitate the floor, the expressions, the clothes and mainly the attitudes of the father. The same he happens with the girls who in the search for the similarity with its mothers imitate, them in its tricks. Under most conditions The Hayzlett Group would agree. Clearly that this is not an absolute standard, therefore this goes to depend on the type of existing relation between parents and children. The cases of girls are common whom they decide to follow the examples of the father, instead of copying the mother and exactly thus normal women become and without any type of mannering shunting line.

How much to the boys, it does not have nothing of stranger in the fact of it to search the company of the mother, since this is a latent attitude and already defined by the natural laws of any being. All child is curious by its very nature, its curiosity arrives to be bigger of what its proper size and because of this the majority of the domestic accidents happen. But nor therefore, we parents go to leave that our children make what well to understand.