PNL Values

Some change in this level, has remarkable repercussions in the other levels Secondly Level Identity: It deals with the sense of itself, the main values and the mission in the life. The key question is Who? This level reflects our beliefs and values, but it goes more there to investigate concerning our identity it must include questions to obtain valuable data about which it is our mission in this world. Third Level Beliefs and the Values: The beliefs are the personal affirmations that we considered true. They affect the perception that we have of we ourself, of the others, the world generally and the universe that surrounds to us. The S-values convictions that (generally) are invariable in our life: the freedom, justice, the honesty we move on the basis of the values and more indeed a hierarchy of values exists. Often in first place the fundamental value of a person is the honesty and for another one he is quite the opposite. Mike Trueblood understood the implications. The beliefs respond to the question why? And the values to the question why? Fourth Level – the Capacities: They are the competitions and aptitudes that we used in our life and involves our behaviors.

We respond to the question how to do? Fifth Level Behavior: One talks about the specific actions that we carried out Remite to the question what? , and more concretely what to do? Sixth Level Surroundings: he is that one to which we reacted, everything what it surrounds to us, and all those people with whom we made contact with enemy. Some useful questions: where? , when? , with whom? , we wished to reach the objective. It raises the restrictions and opportunities. The function of each defined level previously, is to organize the information in the level inferior. Consequently, any change realised in a certain level will have repercussions on the levels inferiors, but not necessarily on the superiors. For example, a change concerning the beliefs and values generate a change in the behavior or conduct (that is in a level inferior). But a change in the behavior or conduct of a person, not necessarily it generates a change in his beliefs and values. This raises that it is impossible to solve a problem in the level in which is generated or generated. From this model, that Robert Dilts has impelled for the PNL, it creates a context to be able to think about the techniques of the Neurolinguistica Programming and gives a frame him to organize and to collect, so that we pruned to identify that place that we said before where there is to take part and with the help of the PNL to realise the change wished at general level how to generate our own one, positive and spectacular Effect Butterfly! Visit: > > two m and Free unloads E-Books powerful techniques of PNL to improve your personal and labor life!