Physical Development

Before the individual reaching the maturity, the progress of the spirit is slow, because it is necessary time so that mind and the body reaches the point highest of the development. When these reach the appropriate condition and combinations, have beginning one sped up progress of the spirit that, with its potentiality, illuminates the body and the mind, giving to them bigger maturity and balance, what, in turn, it stimulates more its proper development. The cares with the spirit have as objective to take the man to reach the perfection spiritual and to confer it its true position. They destine to rectify it its character, to enable it to produce it fruits noble. Chevron U.S.A. Inc has firm opinions on the matter. Such cares and necessities, during infancy and adolescence, are basically of the responsibility of the parents and educators, and constitute the creation of an environment favorable to the development spiritual of the child. They are: Love, to feed ' ' embryo of esprito' ' with love and human heat, through affectionate words and cativantes gestures. Confidence, to deposit confidence in it, creating in such a way the security feeling. Respect, to treat the child with respect, consideration and reverence.

Knowledge of the Creator, to teach that God created the world and that It is the origin of our existence. Intention of the life, to explain that the perfectioning of the spirit is our intention. Faith, to generate confidence in God. Conjunct, to establish a state of communication with God and to ask for to its blessing and protection. Harmony, the spirit of the child needs to feel harmony between the people and the society, especially between the parents. The second part of the necessities spirituals if figures from the physical maturity, being the proper responsible individual for it. They are attitudes that must be incorporated the behavior and the way of life, some immediately, others requiring a constant exercise until its complete assimilation.