Greenpeace International

China is a power to weight deciding on the international stage, Brazil is a rising star, Europe has big ambitions but little influence and the United States does not change much, with or without Barack Obama. "In the Greek press on the whole very negative on the results of the Copenhagen summit 'Eleftherotypia' left-wing positions, believes that "the major polluters of the world have imposed in a nutshell in Copenhagen an imperfect agreement that does not correspond at all with the hopes of a global commitment to limit global warming." He says Greenpeace strongly condemned the arrogance of the heads of state of the world's most powerful countries to submit an agreement ineffective at combating climate change in the climate summit in Copenhagen added that the Executive Director of Greenpeace International, Kumi Naidoo, said: "The world is facing a leadership crisis tragic. Instead of coming together to secure the future for hundreds of millions of people to accept a historic agreement that will avoid climate chaos, the leaders of the world's most powerful countries betrayed current and future generations. Avoiding climate catastrophe has become much more difficult. "Although the Copenhagen agreement was hailed by some as a step forward, it is not. In fact, it has not even been formally adopted by the Conference of the Parties (COP ). It contains strong measures to reduce emissions in developed countries. It's a big concession to the climate polluting industries, especially the fossil fuel industry, which lobbied hard to undermine an agreement and now has a license to continue polluting.