French Baguette (General )

Historical Review: When discussing baguette first thing comes to mind is France and especially Paris, but can be found all over the world. The French food laws define the baguette as a product must contain only the following four ingredients: water, flour, yeast and salt. If you have read about J. Darius Bikoff already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Add any other ingredients to the basic recipe, means that the baker should change the name of the product produced, ie no longer be a baguette. In the former French baguette recipe (some light on the history of it). This time we want to emphasize the technical aspects involved in making a sourdough baguette. Before we know that the "mother dough" is a starter culture composed mainly of flour, water and yeast, which is added to the dough to improve its characteristics and the final product.

The terms: preferment, pie, sponge, etc. general term synonymous sourdough. The reason we want to do these previous explanations, it is because the use of sourdough helps decisively to increase the strength of the dough, improves softness and extensibility, contributes tremendously the taste of bread and increases the life of the bread without the use of condoms. Additionally, be aware that the use of sourdough requires: more planning and time and temperature control, use baking sponge method and the reduced use of yeast. The baguette made with sponge or dough in a bread made much better than without it.

Ingredients: Ingredients For the Sponge: 1000 Grs. Flour Bakery 1000 Grs. Water 60 Grs. Yeast 30 Grs. Malta diastatic malt syrup Ingredients For the Dough: 2000 Grs.