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We want to help a major decision with our initiative here.”Ulf Niklas runs. Kai Drabe added: especially the very high quality of the honorary consulting – and thus the corresponding qualification of the honorary consultant is important to us himself. Both will eventually benefit the customer and thus stands for the right choice. So far, there is no quality requirement and obligation to register. In the insurance sector we remain a significant step with the legally fixed separation of insurance consultants and insurance brokers.” “Thomas Abel explains: it is our mission to create an initiative that can act as the unified voice of qualified honorary advisers, because it so far is not yet available in Germany.” At the same time it is also important the possible Impression against to work that currently individual market participants representing almost all, in particular the highly qualified honorary consultant on the German market would present itself. Here in Berlin, we sit close to the political authorities and as technical experts in the decision-making process within the political bodies asked.”explains Ulf Niklas.

We see us as a representative of the highly qualified and independent fee consultant. ” To still increase the acceptance of the initiative within the industry, to invite 99, 10559 Berlin, hotel, ALT-Moabit representatives of clubs and associations, which have known already to the honorary advice or are in favour of a separation between consulting and sales, to the Summit of honorary advisers on Wednesday, April 8, 2009 at 11: 00 in the ABION spree bow Waterside in the next step. Here we will discuss our demands to the Government and then the political bodies and the public.”Thomas Abel continues. It has such an event our knowledge in our still very young industry has still not given. She should and will be so groundbreaking. Our initiative is to receive at the same time a common mission and special support from the previous different groupings of honorary advisors.” A further development of the initiative to a representation up to a special quality label for honorary consultants stand on the agenda. On the initiative of qualified and independent fee consultant for more transparency in financial consulting and mediation “: the initiative has formed in the framework of the quality offensive undertaken by the Federal Ministry of consumer protection consumer finance in March 2009.” It aims in particular, to ensure a high quality in consulting fees. Thus, valuable for customers and high standards will be used in the fledgling industry.