Evo Morales

Another no less efficient system is to instill fear losing calls conquests of the revolution, sometimes comparing it rather than we are if we compare ourselves with the rest of the countries Latin American corroded by the stigma of corruption of politicians and officials who steal and plunder as may as long as they can keep in their summits. Of course, the story winners, including which we heard make it always to daily in the press. Of course that view through the lens of those who manage the threads from its centers of power. Details can be found by clicking Jeffrey Hayzlett or emailing the administrator. Perhaps, the North Americans have failed to assess the real danger that the Cuban Government has represented in proportion. More than one decade ago have been propagated by Latin American populist governments like Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, Correa and Evo Morales. All these sponsored and indoctrinated by Fidel. The most dispossessed, see their political agendas as an alternative and make them their own.

Reality is showing at least with Hugo Chavez the tendency of these gentlemen trying to perpetuate itself in power. The price of oil, higher every day, increases the influence of Chavez on the rest of the Latin American Governments buying wills of many poor countries unable to hold in the current economic circumstances. How skillful politicians acrobats are balanced on the rope stretched between Washington and Caracas. The constant rhetoric of Chavez with an aggressive language and constants offenses in against the Government of the United States or anyone who questions their decisions both inside and outside Venezuela is one of the lessons well learned in Havana. This is a very useful tool to create tensions and justify decisions which under normal conditions would be illogical. The creation of mass organizations that remain pending possible internal and external enemies, which propagate opinions, moods and which can mobilize to oppose opponents or attending speeches, inaugurations, marches of revolutionary reaffirmation, etc.