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Carlos Mora Vanegas ended the V summit where the President of Peru pointed out that Presidents should be Lima commitment that returning to meet at the next Summit will be able to carry the number of poor who have ceased to be and hectares that have been recovered for a better media environment. Attended by some 40 heads of Government and 20 more to act as their representatives. By Latin America they were practically all of big countries, but Europe there are big absences, even when they are present in Spain and Germany ended with a joint statement based on three main axes: food crisis, climate change and migration. However, were few definitions on concrete goals and funds needed to carry out the initiatives. As journalism.

com the food crisis was much of the discussions, recognizing that the increase in the prices of the commodities mainly affects countries poor and needy in the region. Without greater definitions in this respect, a joint initiative of Spain and Brazil to attend urgently to Haiti, which by this time suffering a desperate lack of food was approved. In terms of climate change, was launched the Euroclima programme, which will share knowledge and coordinate actions against global warming. The Declaration of Lima also sought to reflect the commitment of countries to develop a global approach on migration. At the Summit lacked clear decisions about temporary goals to realize good intentions overturned in various discussion panels. There was also no commitments regarding the funds that should provide for carrying them out. Although with less intensity than in other presidential meetings, a few high-sounding declarations put on the mat feuds and bilateral disagreements between some of the participating countries cnr. org. PE says that agreement the international analyst Ernesto Velit, this was dissatisfied with the results obtained in the V summit of Heads of State and Government of Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union (LAC-EU), considering that this quote not marked biggest difference with those made earlier.