Elk Rut In Sweden

Animal filmmaker Jens Klingebiel on tour in Sweden. He is on the lookout for capital Bull Moose. The moose hunting starts in northern Sweden. Now is also the time of the elk rut. Learn more at this site: David Long. Conservationalist and filmmaker Jens Klingebiel is once again on the way to Sweden.

After he was already filming the birth of twin calves in the spring of this year, he wants to capture well the rut of big deer with the camera. The latest project by Jens Klingebiel should show up a year in the life of the moose. The film will show the rut, the dramatic moose hunting, the harsh Scandinavian winter and the birth of sweet Moose calves in the spring. And thus means to drive thousands of kilometers north once again for the film makers, watch, wait and be above all at the right moment with the camera in the right place. The hard work pays off. Animal filmmaker Jens Klingebiel captures the desired scene in the early hours of the evening. Many Sweden travelers know Moose from Moose Park.

There they lie mostly motionless and slow. Jens Klingebiel shows how active and passionate these animals in the Rut can be. Together with the highlight of the full birth, a scene that was never seen in the television film by Jens Klingebiel is a direct hit with security. More by Jens Klingebiel nature film makers can be found on and

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