Deputy Commercial Director

But in fact the installation of modern window designs, made by qualified experts – almost sterile surgery. "The window is mounted in the doorway so that between the frame and the wall on the perimeter there is a gap that is filled with foam. Therefore, the need to "finalize" the opening with cement mortar usually does not occur – explains , Deputy Commercial Director propleks Group, Russia's largest manufacturer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies. – The resulting seams are glued vapor barrier tape, and for finishing using special solutions, such as plastic slopes, self-adhesive frames and . This technology allows you to completely abandon the painting and plastering work. Thus, the most "Dirty" part of the work – this is the dismantling of the old window unit. But now, all reputable window company free of charge to enable this option (along with removal of debris) in the standard package. "Additional services are not increase the total cost of works are now good manners, testifying to the seriousness of and attention to customers "- said Leo Minullin.

Specialist advice carefully acquainted with a set of standard included in the price, service window company before calling . This saves you from having to deal with cleaning: there will be only to remove the protective film from the frame and sill. The whole process of installing a window unit usually takes no more than two hours, and to change the windows throughout the house only one or two days. Therefore, major changes in the schedule of repairs to make and not necessary.