Beach Volleyball

Many of us think that this fun sport is almost new and the truth is that we are quite wrong, because the origins of this sport are closely linked to the volleyball, being a natural slope of the same, and occurring almost on par. In the history of volleyball Beach apparently first to play volleyball on the beach were all Californians and Hawaiians in the 1920s. However the first tournaments were played on the beaches of France from 1935 (before even from the creation of the French volleyball Federation). Brazil was organized in the Championship I on sand volleyball in 1941, installing permanent courts on the beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon. In Spain, this sport was introduced on the Catalan beaches in the 1970s, thanks to the French tourists. In 1988 the first tournaments are organized, and in this decade when you design the structure of the volleyball Beach and sport professional. In 1994 Samaranch attends a championship in Brazil and a few months later turns in Olympic sport.

In Atlanta 1996 is the first Olympic Beach Volleyball competition and Bosma and Herrera in Athens 2004 are the first Spaniards to achieve Olympic medal. During the Athens Games beach volleyball became one of sports most viewed, a party under the Sun, animated with music, crowded public sunbathing and cheering, with sculptural bodies moving with speed and agility, with the variety of techniques for the beach volleyball that have made the sport a true spectacle to counter the summer heat on the sand. The rules: Score: playing to the best of 3 sets, the first two to 21 points, if there is a tie the third and final is played to 15 points, but you need to get 2 points of advantage. The point is achieved when the ball touches the floor of the rival, or this commits a fault or is sanctioned. Team: it is composed two players that move through the countryside with freedom, although they must maintain the order of remove.

The game: the ball may receive three touches from the players of a team during the move, if the ball touches the net counts as a touch. Field changes: are carried out every 7 points. There is a time of 30 seconds for each team per set. There is a 5 minute break from set to set. Vocabulary: Remove: movement by the volleyball player to start the game, the ball must overcome the network and fall away. Reception: response to an attack with the intention of reducing the speed of the ball. Placement: Player pumped accurately balloon for a co-worker auction. Shot: motion star of this sport, the player hits the ball at its highest point with force. Lock: defensive move in the network to counter a shot. Block Out: the player who exerts the lock hits the ball, but goes directly outside. The iron: it is the most spectacular movement, the player launches into the arena to try to avoid the ball fall to the ground, and be able to lift it so that his teammate put it. The difficulty is that if he manages to lift the balloon must be lifted quickly to finish.