Typography In The Visual Identity

The typography appeared as form to transmit the language visually verbal and during much time this was its only function. Official site: Sofia Alvarez. Since the first drawings made with woods and rocks, passing for the Greek alphabet and the press of Gutemberg, it in such a way had transformations in the forms and the typographical styles how much in the purposes for which they are used. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Shaw Father. What before it serves only to register the said language, started to not only transmit ideas and information for its meaning literal, but also for its structural aspects. ' ' The typography evolved of a steady object body for a flexible system of atributos' ' (LUPTON, 2006). To know these attributes and to know to deal with the month them to me in the creation of a mark are function of designer.

The lack of basement in this area empobrece and/or vulgarizes the project, in way that this loses an important factor in the retention of the visual identity. ' ' As well as the oratria, music, the dance, the calligraphy? how everything that loans its favour to the language? the typography it is an art that can deliberately be badly utilizada.' ' (BRINGHURST, 2004). With the advent of the digital typography, innumerable possibilities of families and typographical styles had appeared, at the same time where other bred families have centuries, such as Garamond and Bodoni, had been adapted to this way. In consequence, adding itself it easiness of if manufacturing graphical materials currently, became easy to find marks whose logotipo is badly projected and whose typography was selected by the taste of designer, or same of the customer, without no study to base the choice. This type of creation can obtain aesthetic value, but it does not have force to support itself. ' ' The graphical project contemplates some stages and methodologies such as the election of to be reached public, planning, creation, choice of the technology, etc.