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Complex Story

September 14, 2015

Remembering that the great objective of the psicopedaggico treatment is ' ' disappearence of the symptom and the possibility for the citizen to learn normally or, the least, in the level higher than its organic, constitutional and personal conditions it permitam.' ' (PAN, 1985, p.80) Inside of the psychoanalysis, we can work the unconscious one by means of psicodrama, by counting a story, amongst others, making with aprendente takes knowledge, of that the difficulties are inevitable, but these can be surpassed. For Fields; (1998, p.09): The stories always appear quandaries existences: the rivalry fraterna, the differentiation mother/child (constitution of the ego), the triangulation (mother/father/child), the Complex of dipo distresses, it of the castration (it lacks, loss) , however in stories they are passed of a form that the child hearing such finishes understands what &#039 happens with its; ' eu' '. In this way we choose the classics for the Psicopedaggica intervention: Joo and Maria, Red Small hat, White of Neve and Cinderela. In the story Joo and Maria we can work with the patient so that the same it elaborates questions, as for example, anguish, castration, the verbal phase, the maternal bond in addition, the rivalry. No longer story Red Small hat we can work with the form patient that this elaborates the difficulty of the fight that we hold to make certain or wrong things.

In the White Snow history, we perceive that the experiences are well difficult, but have that to pass for them for our growth. finally the story of the Cinderela, in this we can perceive the great rivalry between the adoptive sisters and the Borralheira. This rivalry is necessary, a time that the child learns to elaborate its internal frustrations and to conquer the feelings reliable, these so precious for its matureness. Presentation of the Clinical Case A.S.S arrived at the Center of Psicopedaggico Attendance (CAPp) directed by a doctor of the Only System of Sade (SUS).