Life Valley

That in the life it has you intrigue, pain, sufferings, challenges do not have doubts, even so to some seem that the existence is against itself when crises, difficulty appear, from there appear the question: already you made its choice between living and to accept the challenge or still they are drifters before the question of assuming itself of its life; I appeal the workmanship of William Shakespeare, the part the tragedy of Hamlet, prince of the Denmark, using of the verse, cited for the main personage Hamlet: To be or not to be, here it is the question: it will be nobler In our spirit to suffer to rocks and arrows With that the Richness, infuriated, whitens in them, Or to insurgir us against a sea of provaes and in fight to put end to them? To die. to sleep: not more. To say that we conclude with a sleep the anguish and a thousand fights natural-inheritance of the man: To die to sleep is a consumption That it deserves well and desires with fervor. To sleep Perhaps to dream: here it is where the obstacle appears: Therefore when free of the tumult of the existence, In the rest of the death the dream that has Must make us to hesitate: here it is the suspicion That imposes so long life to our misfortunes. Who would suffer the relhos and the irriso of the world I aggravate, It of the oppressor confronts, it of the proud one, All the lancinao of the mal-prezado love, the official insolence, the delays of the law, the insults that of the null ones have to support the patient merit, would suffer who it, When reached the most perfect repayment With the tip of a punhal? Who would take packs, Moaning and sweating under the fatigante life, If the distrust of some thing after the death? This unknown region whose rays Never travelling some crossed in return? It did not put in them to fly for others, not known? The thought thus in acovarda, and thus Is that if it has covered the normal tez of the decision With the pale and ill tone of the melancholy; since that in them they arrest such cogitaes, Companies of high target and that well high they glide Is turned aside from route and ceases even though if to call ao.(1) Is necessary to acquire a philosophical attitude ahead to the life and to dare to take decisions after reflection, a laborious task; to exactly know itself and of how much one is working in the task to go of meeting with its yearnings, exerting its talentos beyond searching at least a reason for which the penalty is valid to live. .